Campaigning Has Begun - and support a bit stronger this time around!
Hooray - looks like this time the next round of .hack localization campaigning will be getting a lot more attention... due largely in part by <a href="">Matsuyama's smack-it-down of Namco Bandai America</a> with a few telling comments at Wondercon. <br /><br />Dothackers will be ramping up a new campaign website (much like our .hack//Link US campaign site), but we need A LOT more support inside and outside of our community. Siliconera has always had a thing for .hack (and we like them very much for that). They have started a <a href="">picture campaign</a> to post on Namco Bandai's wall in support of .hack - get posting. <br /><br /><div align="center"><br /><a href=""><br /><img border="0" align="none" alt="" src=""></a><br /><a href="">Post on Namco Bandai's wall to support .hack localization</a>
Posted on 20 Mar 2012 by David
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